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The Ways You Can Take Advantage of Your Sunny Windows

Apart from protecting your home from the elements and water damage, windows have another purpose; letting natural light into your home’s interior. Done right, your home can have a bright and cozy ambiance during the day. You can also take advantage of the light that your windows bring in through various ways.

The Ways You Can Take Advantage of Your Sunny Windows

In this post, window company Renewal by Andersen® of Southwest Missouri discusses the various ways you can take advantage of your sunny windows.

Soften the Light

While sunny windows can be a wonderful addition to any home, they are quite bright and you’ll likely be shading your eyes most of the time during the day. You can retain the natural lights it brings in by adding fitting curtains for your window in order to soften the light. While white remains the classic choice, any light shade of color will help temper the dazzle.

Hanging Plants

Want to give your home a natural, earthy feeling? You can always dangle some store-bought plants or homemade terrariums against your sunny windows to brighten up your home with their natural colors.

Relaxation Spot

Whether it’s a window seat, tables and chairs for you to enjoy your morning coffee, or a reading nook, a relaxation spot that allows you to take advantage of the morning light is a plus in any home. You not only enjoy what the sun has to offer but you’re also getting a good helping of Vitamin D in the process.

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Work Space

Nobody likes staring at a dull white wall when they work. With that said, consider placing your home desk by your window and decorate it to make it the best work space possible. That way, you can enjoy a view of the outside world as you conduct your work.

Black Walls

Surprisingly, black walls work well with sunny windows since it gives your home a modern pairing. The minimalist, deep black color also tones down the sunlight for your visual enjoyment.

Herb Garden

With some water and the natural light entering your sunny windows, you can start your own herb garden on the windowsill. Simply fill a small pot with soil and add the seeds in with the proper care and you’ll have the herbs of your choosing ready in a few weeks. Not only will the herbs give off a nice, pleasant smell for your home but it can also keep pests away and allow you to save some grocery money on buying herbs that you don’t use all the time.

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"Great workmanship on windows installation is done very professionally by excellent crew. Installed in a very timely manner. Excellent company to deal with."

Roy D
Feb 14, 2023

"The Springfield team was wonderful to work with , professional , friendly and knowledgeable. They all seem to take great pride in their work. These new windows are fantastic, they look great , operate so easy and the energy efficiency was noticeable from the very first day . Thank you Renewal by Andersen for transforming our home and our lives."

Pam S
Feb 15, 2023

"After years of watching the wind move my drapes and hours of difficult cleaning, I decided to get new windows. I went with Renewal by Andersen because of the great reviews and quality. From Brent who did the consult, Gideon who did the measuring, to Jason, Josh, and I apologize I can't remember the third installers name, this is the most professional company I've ever worked with. I own a 1994 double wide mobile home, so everything in this place is hard to work with. I had a bay window, 6 double hung, 2 awning, and a front door replaced.. They said it would take 2 days and they were done on time! I did have second thoughts about doing this mainly because of the cost, but once it was done, I was very happy I did this."

Gary S
Feb 18, 2023

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