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Why Window Replacement Projects Can Be Done During Winter

Broken or leaky windows need to be replaced so that outdoor air won’t leak into the home and affect indoor air quality and temperature. Thankfully, replacing a window can be done all year round.

During the winter, some might worry that the cold outdoor air might enter the home while the windows are being replaced, but that shouldn’t be the case. It’s entirely possible to replace windows during winter.

There Are Ways to Prevent Outside Cold From Coming Inside

Those who worry about outside air getting inside can rest assured that cold air ingress can be prevented. Expert contractors can use floor-to-ceiling barriers to prevent cold outdoor air from entering the house. They also know to remove one window at a time so that there’s less room for air to enter.

Furthermore, contractors can simply close the door leading to the room where the window is being installed. This will prevent air that entered the room from traveling deeper into the house.

It’s Easier to Get Contractors During Winter

Worried about not being able to find contractors during winter? Don’t be. Contractors are often slow during the colder season, particularly during the period after the holidays. This means homeowners can get their windows replaced sooner than they think.

The Cost Can Be Significantly Lower During Winter

Contractors and suppliers tend to offer lower prices on their products during the winter season. This simply means that aside from having windows replaced earlier, various window types, such as casement and double-hung replacement windows, will be cheaper than usual.

The Benefits Are Quickly Felt When It’s Done

As mentioned above, leaky windows will affect indoor air quality. These windows will make the interiors feel chilly and will make it more expensive to heat up the home. Replacing that window during winter will result in a better indoor climate and lower heating bills as soon as it’s done.

Looking for a trusty contractor to replace that window in winter? Look no further than Renewal by Andersen® of Springfield. We offer the best vinyl replacement windows and the best quality installation services Southwest Missouri residents trust. Call us at (417) 268-9301, or fill out our contact form for a free consultation.


"Quality product, quality workmanship. Everyone I interacted with at Renewal by Andersen of SW Missouri had pride in their work from sales to financing to project oversight to installation. It must be a great company to work for because that shows in the professionalism of the staff. Best of all, they want happy customers and go out of their way to make sure that happens. Yes, I love my windows (but I knew I would--it's a great product). Friendly, helpful, easy financing, and yes--they pass costs on to the customer for this, but it meant that I was able to get the windows I wanted and needed for my creaky, lopsided old house. Couldn't be more pleased."

Aug 11, 2023

"The company representative who met with me initially was very direct, told me how the process would go, explained about why Anderson windows are of such good quality and how they stand by their products and their workmanship. My 3 windows arrived when they said they would, & the men who installed them were very professional, polite, & efficient. They showed me how the windows work and left the room as tidy as it was before they did the installation."

Judith Peavey
Aug 14, 2023

"We just had our windows done by Renewal. They kept us informed about the progress of manafucture & installed at the approximate date. Good qualtity & if you didn't know that there were screens on the windows you would think they were missing. Very clear view. Great in this hot weather, the house stays cool."

Jerry C
Aug 22, 2023

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