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4 Solutions to Common Patio Door Security Mistakes

You may not realize it, but with the right combination of security features, patio doors can be just as secure as heavy entry doors. In this blog, patio door and window company Renewal by Andersen® of Southwest Missouri shares solutions to common patio door security mistakes.4 Solutions to Common Patio Door Security Mistakes

1. Upgrade the Latches — Simple latches work on entry doors because the entire body—which can be made of steel or fiberglass—distributes the force across the door. Patio doors are different; they’re mostly made of glass. This fundamental difference requires different security requirements. Hinged or French doors need a multi-point locking system, which essentially is made of 3 to 5 latches operated by a single mechanism. Reach-out latches are proven to be effective on sliding doors.

2. Keep Patio Doors Hidden from the Curb — Patio doors are meant for private access, therefore they shouldn’t be visible from the curb, otherwise it would show too much of your home to casual passers-by. Work with your residential window replacement company to plan your patio door placement. If it can’t be helped, choose patio door styles that will look good with shades, blinds, or shutters. Colonial-style grilles can also help obscure the view from the curb.

3. Install Additional Security Equipment — It always helps to have additional security measures for all kinds of situations. Maybe you want to be able to keep your sliding door slightly open for ventilation, but not enough so your little children might wander into the yard unsupervised. In which case, adjustable stops can be installed. Glass break alarms and door opening sensors are also ideal if your backyard is accessible to large foraging animals.

4. Choose Double-Pane Glass — Traditional single-pane glass simply isn’t up to par with modern door requirements. It can be broken with wind or force, and it easily conducts heat, which can diminish your home’s energy efficiency. Double-pane glass, standard on all Andersen® patio doors, can help you save on your indoor heating and cooling costs, and are more durable compared to traditional glass panels.

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"They did a real professional job. House looks Great! You couldn't even tell they were there. Except for the Beautiful windows and doors they installed. The house looks amazing!"

Chloe Compton
Apr 26, 2023

"Work was performed by a professional installation team in a very efficient and non-obstructive manner. They cleaned up after themselves and left us in a better condition than it was before they started. I would definitely use Renewal by Anderson again."

Joseph Allen
Apr 25, 2023

"We have had Renewal by Anderson replace windows before so we knew how special the company was. The job the installers did was absolutely perfect. I will contact them again for more windows and will highly recommend them to friends and family. Thank you so much!"

Pamela Pyatt
Apr 20, 2023

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