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How to Choose the Right Window Trim

Window trim, also known as casing, is a type of molding that covers the transition between the window frame and the wall opening. It creates a clean look and helps reduce air leaks through the gaps. As a decorative element, window trim also has to work with, or even match, interior elements such as crown molding and other types of trim.

How to Choose the Right Window Trim
In this blog, home window replacement company Renewal by Andersen® of Southwest Missouri shares a quick guide on getting the right window trim for your interiors.

Make It Consistent

Maintaining a consistent look is an important element of interior design. One of the ways to achieve this is to choose the same or similar color and profile. If you wish to have a stained wood finish, choose wood that has similar grain as the rest. Matching stain color may be more difficult to find, but if the other parts of the interior are up for restaining, have them done together at the same time.

If the other interior trim in your home is up for replacement, it’s an opportunity to carefully plan everything—baseboard, crown molding, wall paneling—and tie them all together by choosing trim profiles and finishes that go well together.

All Trim Elements Should Go Together

We have discussed profile, color, and stain, but other elements are often overlooked. The parts where trim pieces intersect should be carefully cut to make them look as seamless as possible. Parts where the vertical pieces meet the horizontal trim requires skill and precision, particularly in areas where dissimilar types of trim are used. When installing replacement windows, our installers make sure that all joints on the window trim are precisely cut to minimize filling and sanding.

Choose the Right Materials

Not all trim materials are the same. Your home’s existing trim, if painted, is likely made of pine. It strikes a good balance between cost, sustainability, and life span. Many people find its wide grain lines aesthetically unappealing, which is why it’s painted. Hardwood and poplar are better options if you want a stained wood look, however you should pay attention to the wood grain and make sure they match. Manufactured materials such as polymer and fiber cement are both good options when it comes to mimicking wood grain, though not all of them work with wood stains.

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Aug 11, 2023

"The company representative who met with me initially was very direct, told me how the process would go, explained about why Anderson windows are of such good quality and how they stand by their products and their workmanship. My 3 windows arrived when they said they would, & the men who installed them were very professional, polite, & efficient. They showed me how the windows work and left the room as tidy as it was before they did the installation."

Judith Peavey
Aug 14, 2023

"We just had our windows done by Renewal. They kept us informed about the progress of manafucture & installed at the approximate date. Good qualtity & if you didn't know that there were screens on the windows you would think they were missing. Very clear view. Great in this hot weather, the house stays cool."

Jerry C
Aug 22, 2023

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