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3 Things to Look for in a Window Contractor

Much has been said about the importance of hiring a professional for window replacement. However, looking for a qualified and reliable contractor is not entirely a cakewalk. Since the removal and installation of energy-efficient windows is a highly technical process, skipping professional service may result in a lot of damage, such as a voided warranty and drafts around the house. But how do you know which company you should choose? Here are the key things to consider: 

3 Things to Look for in a Window Contractor


1. Quality Materials


A good window contractor should be willing to walk you through all the available frame materials, glass panes, locking systems and sizing options. Your selected company should also be able to assess your unique needs, including the budget and timetable, and give proper recommendations. It will also be extremely helpful if the contractors breakdown the advantages and drawbacks of their different products so you can make the best decision for your home.


2. Excellent Customer Service


From the first consultation to the final inspection, a good window replacement contractor should aim to put your needs first and provide exceptional customer service all throughout. Look for a window installer who has years of experience and plenty of positive feedback from previous customers. Check out their official website, or ask for references directly from your neighbors, colleagues and friends to help you.


3. Solid Warranties


A professional window contractor understands the significance of good, solid warranties on labor and materials. If you ever encounter an issue with your new windows, your contractor should be ready to patch things up and improve customer satisfaction at no cost to you.


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"Their workers who installed the windows were excellent. Our experience with the sales rep was pleasant. He did not pressure us. He made suggestions that saved us money."

Kristin Palmer
Oct 20, 2022

"I would give everyone involved in the whole process a 10 out of 10. With the exception of the window installation crew. They get an 11 out of 10. I can't express in words what an excellent job they did. They went above and beyond."

Don Smith
Oct 25, 2022

"Although it is a process and doesn't happen overnight the wait is worth the end results. A Representative will come to your home and walk you through the entire process. It does take a few weeks from the time they send someone to your home to personally measure your windows to the time the factory specifically custom cuts your windows and ships them out. However, the end result is overwhelmingly satisfactory. The crew sent to install them were professional, cleaned up after the job was completed and did the job in half the time they thought it would take. Highly recommend!"

Kimberly Baugh
Oct 27, 2022

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