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How Renewal by Andersen® Windows Cut Down Noise Transmission

Renewal by Andersen® windows will improve the energy efficiency of your home and accentuate its beauty. They can also help improve ventilation and allow for more indoor light. Another great benefit of investing in these windows is that you can enjoy a more peaceful and quiet atmosphere at home.

Renewal by Andersen® Windows Cut Down Noise Transmission

How Do Renewal by Andersen® Reduce Noise Transmission?

Noise-reducing windows are made to keep too much outdoor noise from entering your home. These windows break up soundwaves, and that’s how noise reduction happens. Renewal by Andersen windows achieves this through pairing impact-resistant glass with a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer. The interlayer features a different density than the glass, which disrupts the soundwaves and reduces the noise that penetrates your indoor spaces.

How Do You Know if Your Noise-Reducing Windows Are Working?

At Renewal by Andersen, we offer the best replacement windows. When you choose us for your window replacement project, you can only expect to have a good night’s sleep and a more undisturbed atmosphere. Noise-reducing windows are ideal for homes in busy neighborhoods or where outdoor noise is a concern.

The Sound Transition Class (STC) rating determines how well noise-reducing windows work. This rating system was made to help measure how much sound is reduced by an object. A window with a higher STC rating can reduce more outdoor noise. The rating for windows ranges between 18 to 38, and every increase in point value is an indication of a higher sound reduction percentage. Renewal by Andersen’s 400 window series features an STC rating of 34. It means you will experience an instant reduction in outdoor noise penetration once your new windows are installed.

Enjoy a more beautiful and peaceful home with new windows from Renewal by Andersen of Southwest Missouri. Whether you are looking for casement, picture or double hung replacement windows, you can count on us. Call us at (417) 268-9301, or fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation.


"Great workmanship on windows installation is done very professionally by excellent crew. Installed in a very timely manner. Excellent company to deal with."

Roy D
Feb 14, 2023

"The Springfield team was wonderful to work with , professional , friendly and knowledgeable. They all seem to take great pride in their work. These new windows are fantastic, they look great , operate so easy and the energy efficiency was noticeable from the very first day . Thank you Renewal by Andersen for transforming our home and our lives."

Pam S
Feb 15, 2023

"After years of watching the wind move my drapes and hours of difficult cleaning, I decided to get new windows. I went with Renewal by Andersen because of the great reviews and quality. From Brent who did the consult, Gideon who did the measuring, to Jason, Josh, and I apologize I can't remember the third installers name, this is the most professional company I've ever worked with. I own a 1994 double wide mobile home, so everything in this place is hard to work with. I had a bay window, 6 double hung, 2 awning, and a front door replaced.. They said it would take 2 days and they were done on time! I did have second thoughts about doing this mainly because of the cost, but once it was done, I was very happy I did this."

Gary S
Feb 18, 2023

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