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7 Reasons Casement Windows Are the Best Choice

Casement windows are hinged on the side like doors, and they open sideways with a hand crank. These windows have optional screens, which are removable from the inside of the house. If you are looking for a stylish and cost-effective window, then casement windows are great alternatives to traditional double-hung windows.

 Casement Windows

Even though casement windows tend to be less popular than other types of windows, they do have several strong points that may make them the right choice for your home.

1. Low Maintenance

Since this style of windows features just one large pane of glass, wiping them clean is simple and easy. Casement windows are fade, chip and crack resistant, delivering an excellent return on investment.  Newer models of casement windows allow you to remove the sashes from their frame, enabling you to clean them more efficiently.

2. Smooth Operation

Casement windows are often used in hard-to-reach areas because of their ease of operation. They open with a crank that is positioned in a way that makes them easy to use. This makes casement windows a great choice for above the kitchen sink, in the bathroom or above furniture.

3. Maximum Ventilation

Casement windows have a large opening for optimal air circulation. The angle of the opening in a casement window will catch breezes that you might not get with other types of windows. You can control the amount of air circulation by having the window slightly or fully opened.

4. Energy-Efficient

Energy-efficient casement windows regulate the interior temperature of your home, promoting significant savings on utility bills. These windows can increase the energy efficiency of your home up to 45% in the winter and 70% during the summer months.

5. Superior Security

Casement windows are designed to keep your home very safe and secure. They have hook-shaped locks embedded into the frame to ensure your home is well protected.

6. Durability

Casement windows are naturally durable because they are basically one solid pane of glass. Add fusion-welded frames and sashes, and you have a window that is extremely durable and will last for years to come.

8. Better View

One of the best features of casement windows is the unobstructed view they provide. You can have several casement windows side by side to create a wall of windows that will give you an amazing view.

Add easy operation, energy efficiency and lasting value to your home with casement windows. Renewal by Andersen® of Southwest Missouri offers the best vinyl replacement windows, the perfect solution for rooms that are tight on space. Call us today at (417) 268-9301, or fill out our convenient request form to get a free quote on service.


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