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Fibrex® vs. Vinyl: Which Should You Choose?

While vinyl is still a hugely popular material for making cheap, effective windows, one industry leader, Renewal by Andersen®, has created a proprietary composite called Fibrex®. Since Fibrex is a price-point competitor with vinyl, how do the two materials compare in new-construction and consumer-level replacement windows?

Fibrex® vs. Vinyl

What Is Fibrex®?

Fibrex is a composite material made with a blend of 40% wood and 60% plastic fibers. It offers the strength, energy efficiency and beauty of wood windows, and is the most sought-after alternative to vinyl windows due to its durability. The Fibrex fiber tech polymers hold up well in all climates and are resistant to the cracking and warping you may see in vinyl windows.

Furthermore, Fibrex is corrode-proof, and it won’t succumb to the growth of mold. It also doesn’t decay or rot, instead, maintaining its timeless look. There are even fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in Fibrex compared to other windows.

Which Is Better: Vinyl or Fibrex Windows?

While both window materials have their merits, Fibrex windows are the better option. Vinyl windows are a cheaper option, but they are prone to wear and tear over time and will need to be replaced sooner. If you’re still on the fence about whether Fibrex or vinyl windows are the right choice for you, here are some factors to keep in mind.

1. Strength: While vinyl windows are strong, Fibrex is twice as strong, no matter how volatile the weather may get. The strength doesn’t deteriorate over time – these windows will last for decades.

2. Durability: Fibrex windows are the more durable option. They’re far less prone to chipping, warping or rotting.

3. Decay resistance: Vinyl can get dirty and stained, and collect mold. With its unique materials, Fibrex windows are easy to clean and won’t mold or rot.

4. Heat distortion point: In hot climates or direct sunlight, Fibrex won’t bend or warp. On the other hand, vinyl may warp when exposed frequently for long durations.

5. Thermal expansion: Fibrex thermal expansion is low, so you can expect it to expand and contract very little. Vinyl has a much higher rate of expansion, making vinyl window frames susceptible to warping and cracking over time.

6. Insulating properties: Fibrex blocks thermal transfers at a higher rate than vinyl, which can help you save on heating and air conditioning.

7. Compressive strength: Fibrex composite windows have greater compressive strength than vinyl. This is why composite windows have a thinner frame and more glass.

8. Green benefits: Fibrex is made partly by reclaimed materials, making it an environmentally friendly option.

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"Great workmanship on windows installation is done very professionally by excellent crew. Installed in a very timely manner. Excellent company to deal with."

Roy D
Feb 14, 2023

"The Springfield team was wonderful to work with , professional , friendly and knowledgeable. They all seem to take great pride in their work. These new windows are fantastic, they look great , operate so easy and the energy efficiency was noticeable from the very first day . Thank you Renewal by Andersen for transforming our home and our lives."

Pam S
Feb 15, 2023

"After years of watching the wind move my drapes and hours of difficult cleaning, I decided to get new windows. I went with Renewal by Andersen because of the great reviews and quality. From Brent who did the consult, Gideon who did the measuring, to Jason, Josh, and I apologize I can't remember the third installers name, this is the most professional company I've ever worked with. I own a 1994 double wide mobile home, so everything in this place is hard to work with. I had a bay window, 6 double hung, 2 awning, and a front door replaced.. They said it would take 2 days and they were done on time! I did have second thoughts about doing this mainly because of the cost, but once it was done, I was very happy I did this."

Gary S
Feb 18, 2023

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