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Reap the Benefits of South-Facing Windows Throughout the Year

Every homeowner should learn the basics of certain design concepts, particularly those geared towards making homes more energy-efficient. Some concepts include south-facing windows and passive heating. Here are a few things about them you may not know.


According to the National Institute of Building Sciences, passive solar heating involves the “collection of solar energy through properly-oriented, south-facing windows”. The Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), meanwhile, recommends that, “If you’re planning a new passive solar home, a portion of the south side of your house must have an unobstructed ‘view’ of the sun.”

Make Them Work

Homes that have passive solar designs are better able to stay warm throughout fall and winter, and cool during the summer months. The ideal window orientation will allow your home to absorb enough sunlight while the climate is cooler and use that heat to warm your home. To prevent too much sunlight from making your home uncomfortably hot, it will help to have access to good options for replacement windows.

Reaping the Benefits

You can best experience the benefits of south-facing windows if they are built with High Performance™ Low-E4® glass. Different iterations of such windows are proven to be effective against solar heat gain even as they allow a good amount of sunlight into your home. Installation by professionals is also key to ensure that your windows will function as expected.

Learn more about great design concepts that can improve your home from the top-quality window replacement service provider, Renewal by Andersen® of Southwest Missouri. We provide no-obligation estimates to help homeowners understand what types of windows may work best for them and their home. Give us a call at (417) 351-2801, or fill out our contact form here.


"Excellent service and product! They checked in with me every few weeks while we were waiting for the order. I was impressed with Sam, who measured my windows and headed the installation crew. He was respectful and patient with his team. They cleaned up after themselves. Before the new windows I had huge windows that didn’t open. Now I feel much safer and get better temperatures in those rooms."

Kimberly Kester
Jul 18, 2022

"My experience with Anderson Renewal was amazing! From the first meeting with Miranda to choose my windows and doors to the installation provided by Tim and his crew was a pleasure! I just bought a home built in the 1960's that needed new windows and a new double front door with sidelights. As everyone knows Anderson Windows are great, but it was the people I interacted with from Anderson that made it such a great experience. It took three days for the windows and door to be installed and they "worked" every minute they were here. My huge front door took most of the day to install because they had to put in a new header and other improvements to make it fit! They even put up new drywall on the inside. Many people in the neighborhood have stopped by to comment on my beautiful front door! I think the crew left my house cleaner than it was before they started! Constantly cleaning up after themselves. I am thrilled with my windows and feel lucky to have met the team at Anderson."

Kimberly Wilson
Jul 17, 2022

"Very professional staff . No pressure sales. The job they do is neat and clean, no cleanup left for the owner. Communication is great. Always informed on the status of of your product, AND the tin of cookies you receive afterwards is a pleasant plus."

Peggy Spivy Morse
Jul 13, 2022

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