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How Water Quality Affects Window Cleaning

It is important to regularly clean and maintain your windows to keep them in pristine condition and looking brand new after occasional storms have passed. One of the main ingredients of a successful window cleaning service is the water quality, which has different benefits depending on its use. Here’s how the quality of your water can affect window cleaning. 

How Water Quality Affects Window Cleaning


What Is Water Quality?


The quality of water is generally determined by its physical, biological and chemical properties. With untreated water, some of the common pollutants found are viruses, bacteria, pesticides and salts. Factors like alkalinity, colors, odor, taste and pH are the indicators of water quality. Finally, though some government agencies put a limit on the level of contamination in drinking water, certain amounts of contaminants are still allowed in tap water.


What Is Hard Water?


Hard water, which is caused by dissolved minerals, is ineffective in cleaning. Minerals like calcium and magnesium reduce the foaming and cleansing ability of soap while scale deposits form on certain surfaces like the rims of bathtubs or interiors of boilers.


Ensure that your windows, whether specialty windows or traditional double hung replacement windows, will be thoroughly scrubbed and remain streak-free by scheduling a cleaning service from your local window company.


How to Effectively Clean Your Windows


Soften the water by removing those minerals to enhance the effectiveness of cleaning. This will result in less soap required to accomplish the same meticulous window cleaning. Also, there will be no spots or streaks that appear on the surface, eliminating the deposit buildup that can otherwise shorten the life of your windows.


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