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Winter Window Replacement: What to Expect

It is fairly easy to understand why homeowners feel the hesitation to replace their old, ineffective windows near the end of fall or in the dead of winter. From warm air escaping and cold, frosty air seeping inside to the installation crew tracking snow under their boots, there are a few things to get worked up over. Good news! Here at Renewal by Andersen® of Southwest Missouri, we can put those worries to rest and give you the confidence that you can replace your windows no matter the season. 

Winter Window Replacement: What to Expect


Window Replacement in the Winter


An efficient, swift and professional installation are key to a successful window replacement service during the glacial winter months. Our certified installers follow a specialized window installation process to help you protect your home and the occupants from uncomfortable conditions. Here are the steps that we will take during the replacement process:


  1. Close off each room that is being worked on to effectively minimize heat loss around the house.

  2. Work in teams to remove one window at a time. It typically takes five minutes or less to detach each window. This step helps reduce the outdoor exposure to your home.

  3. Cover floor and furnishings to protect them from foot traffic, construction debris and winter severity.

  4. Custom-manufacture each window to 1/8 inch of the opening. This allows installers to add additional installation around the framework once they are in place, helping maximizing the energy efficiency of your replacement windows.


Reasons to Replace Windows in the Winter


First off, winter is the best time to discover problems with your windows due to the tendency of materials to contract when exposed to extreme temperatures. This can manifest itself in the form of leaks and drafts that you have not previously experienced. In addition, you are also likely to get good prices in the wintertime because most companies are less busy, convincing them to offer significant discounts.


Renewal by Andersen of Southwest Missouri is a premier source of home window replacement solutions in Springfield, MO. Our company is committed to providing you with the comfort and safety that your home needs no matter the season. Call (417) 268-9301, or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation.


"I've been impressed with each step so far. Josh my salesman, Gerry my project manager & the installation crew have all been great people to work with. Also, the many different office workers who have reached out to let me know how things were progressing are greatly appreciated. Thank you to all team members!"

J Nick
Nov 15, 2022

"They did a super job, matched my woodwork stain perfectly, cleaned up well after their work was done and were polite and professional."

alana mccleary
Nov 15, 2022

"From initial review and purchase to installation, this team provided outstanding service. We were informed about the project status from start to finish. Everything was clear to us. We were very please the 6 windows were ready and installed earlier than originally planned. We'll work with them again on our next window replacement project."

Jeffery Brown
Nov 17, 2022

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